Blu e Cigarettes

blu e cig

Premium Electronic Cigarettes

  • Signature Glowing Blue Tip

    Blue LED lights up with each puff and will signal when it needs to be recharged.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    The longest lasting lithium-polymer batteries.

  • Built in Atomizer

    The atomizer is built into the cartridge to produce maximum vapor and ensures a fresh atomizer with each new cartridge.

  • Flavor Cartridge

    blu Premium electronic cigarette cartridges are flavorful and are tailor-made in the USA by Johnson Creek Smoke Juice.

  • Silicone Tip

    Silicone tip within mouth piece of to prevent leakage. One hole intake for maximized draw and resistance for cigarette feel.

  • Size

    blu Premium electronic cigarettes are the same size as a traditional cigarette and fit all Original and Premium e-cigarette starter kits.

    Flavor Cartridges 


    Designed to satisfy the taste buds of even the most discerning palate,
    blu’s Premium E-Cigarette Starter Kit includes your choice of flavor cartridges:

    • New cartridges include the atomizer for maximum vapor.
    • Flavor cartridges fit all original and premium electric cigarette starter kits.
    • One cartridge equals a pack of cigarettes.
    • Our juice blend is tailored to get the absolute best flavor out of each cartridge.
    • All flavors made in the U.S.A. exclusively for blu by Johnson Creek.
    • Propylene glycol free.
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Overall Use

The blu Premium starter kit is the perfect choice for the casual smoker up to the pack-a-day smoker. blu electronic cigarettes duplicate the true size and feel of traditional cigarettes for a wonderfully rich user experience.

Our Premium Pack Has Smart Battery Management

Battery Management

The blu Premium pack has been upgraded to provide better battery management for your pack and your cigarette batteries. This management system not only charges the batteries quicker, but it helps to extend their life and their performance.

Premium Pack Battery Management Features

No Screw Charging

This new feature eliminates the need to screw the spare battery into the pack to charge. Thanks to the enhanced battery management system, if it's in the pack, it's charging. That means no more guesswork. No screw charging ensures the batteries are always properly charged for optimum performance.

Premium Pack Functionality

Premium Pack Functionality

Using blu Premium is easier than ever. Like blu Original, the blu Premium pack stores 5 spare cartridges and charges your cigarettes on the go, so you never run out. In addition, the inside of the pack is clearly labeled with easy-to-read icons to help keep everything organized.

The Premium Packs from blu Cigs Are Durable

Hygiene & Durability

blu Premium packs are highly durable. The inside is resistant to breakdown and chemical leakage, and the interiors are made of a hygienic material called Santoprene. A thermoplastic elastomer with the same flexibility, strength and hygienic properties of natural rubber compounds, Santoprene means a longer pack life and cleaner blu accessories for your mouth and hands.

Premium Pack Dimensions

Worried that our electronic cigarette packs need to be bulky to accommodate all of these features?

Worry not. blu premium packs are basically the same size as a traditional pack of cigarettes!

  • Height: 3.71”
  • Width: 2.24”
  • Depth: .95”
Premium Starter Kit Dimensions

18+ Only | CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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